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Founded in 1825, Oliveira is the oldest rope manufacturer in Portugal producing high quality ropes for a wide range of demanding applications. With nearly 200 years of experience, Oliveira is a proven and reliable supplier of ropes to the fishing industry, maritime operators, aquaculture farms and crane companies.

Oliveira’s ever popular polypropylene ropes are available in eight strand and three strand constructions. For higher durability, composite ropes made from polyester yarns combined with the polyver yarns, offer excellent abrasion and tension fatigue resistance. For maximum abrasion and load-bearing performance, Oliveira has developed the Vela12 range. Made from a newly developed fiber, the Vela12 rope is characterized by high strength, outstanding abrasion resistance and ease of
handling - all at an attractive price.

In 2010, Oliveira was acquired by WireCo WorldGroup, the market and manufacturing leader in high performance rope products globally. As part of the Synthetics Division within this Group, Oliveira continues to offer in-house manufactured ropes to its many customers who rely on the quality and integrity of their Oliveira ropes for all types of mooring and handling operations.

Please feel free to contact our salespeople for guidance on the best Oliveira rope for your particular application.

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